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Learning Online

Our online lessons are conducted one-on-one or in small, personalised groups using latest technology for maximum interactability and effectiveness.

Learning Online

Let's face it, learning in a face-to-face lesson environment is something that feels very natural and very familiar to most of us. It just naturally seems like it's the best way to learn. And we should know. Because at Elite Tutoring College, we have been offering face-to-face tuition to students since 2005.

But you know what? Times are changing.

The reality is that these days, there are many reasons why learning online can be just effective as learning face-to-face, if not more so. And there are also other reasons why you might want to consider choosing online over face-to-face learning.

Here are a few points to consider:

  • Young people are very accustomed to communicating, interacting and researching information online nowadays, making online lessons a more natural and efficient learning environment for them.
  • Modern technology allows easy, real-time sharing between student and tutor of files, pictures, notes, etc. during online lessons.
  • Online lessons take place in the comfort and safety of the student's own home.
  • Parents have the opportunity to oversee online lessons, to assess the tutor's personality and performance.
  • Online lessons have more flexible scheduling requirements since they can be held later into weekday evenings.
  • Online lessons can be scheduled during any free time between school lessons, making best use of students' time.
  • During school holidays, students are still able to attend online lessons whilst travelling - even from overseas.
  • Travel time required for face-to-face lessons cuts into students' precious study time.
  • Public transport or traffic issues can lead to students being late to face-to-face lessons, losing valuable tutoring time.

The Future of Learning

The fact is that the future of learning is online - that is aleady very apparent today. The online tutoring platform we use for our lessons has over 15 million monthly corporate, commercial and individual users worldwide for virtual meetings, videoconferencing, webinars and educational lessons. And of course this is rapidly growing each week.

The great thing about this of course is that it has driven technology to improve, and continue to improve, to provide an interactive online environment that is every bit as good as actually being face-to-face.

Here are just some of the features that our online tutoring platform offers students and tutors:

  • Real time, high-quality, HD video and audio.
  • Multi-page virtual whiteboard that all lesson members can annotate at the same time.
  • Instant screen sharing with co-annotation function and remote control. This means that all lesson members can annotate the shared screen at the same time, and also take control of the shared screen.
  • Instant file sharing among lesson members.
  • Group text chat function among all lesson members.
  • Dynamic voice detection – the primary camera view will automatically toggle to the active speaker.
  • Scheduled lessons can be added to a calendar of the student's choice as a reminder.

From our experience, once a student overcomes the "weirdness" of experiencing their first one or two online lessons, they generally fall in love with the convenience and the overall experience. From that point on, they usually feel that face-to-face lessons are no longer worth the effort.

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