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Student Feedback

Read and listen to what our current and past students have to say about their experience at Elite Tutoring College.


CHELSEAMiddle-Ranked to 2nd Overall in English Extension

I started at Elite Tutoring College in mid Year 11, and my results have improved since.

Steven's classes have been so helpful and enjoyable thanks to his endless patience, encouragement and amazing knowledge in mathematics and science! His genuine care for his students to reach their full potential is seen in his careful explanations that ensure that every concept is understood, and how he makes every challenging question become easily manageable.

Jacqueline helped me improve my rank in English Advanced from being in the middle of the cohort to 7th overall, as well as 2nd overall in English Extension 1. She has really helped me to improve my creative and essay writing skills, as well as my ability to approach unseen texts in the HSC exams. Her endless support helped to build my confidence and knowledge all areas of English, with my HSC result being over 90 for both subjects.

I can't recommend Elite Tutoring College enough - all the tutors offer great knowledge and insightful advice, but also establish a comfortable learning environment. I am so grateful for all the help and support that Steven, Jacqueline and Gloria have given me!


JAIME5th Rank in First Exam

As a recent Elite Tutoring College graduate, over the past year I have been fully equipped with the knowledge and confidence to sit my HSC maths exam. For the first half of year 12, I did not have a maths tutor, however as the year went by I realised that, to maximise my potential and ATAR, a tutor was needed. In my first exam with ETC's help, I ranked 5th, which was a large jump from my previous rank. And I am happy to say that these marks continued through out the year. I am thankful for the friendly staff and their dedication, after hours support, and ongoing motivation, which has allowed me to surpass my expectations. I have now completed my HSC maths exam and I am confident that whatever mark I receive is the best I could have done. I highly recommend ETC to anyone who is seeking to become confident in their subjects, uncover their potential, or maximise their marks in the HSC.


NATHAN50th to 10th in Physics in Half a Semester

First of all, I'd really like to thank Steven and Gloria for helping me get an ATAR of 99.25, I really couldn't have done it without them.

Steven guided me throughout almost the entire year 11 and 12, dramatically improving my chemistry, physics and maths. His amazing resources and many years of experience was a great help, and would surely allow any student to achieve their academic goals.

What can I say. . . Steven is a great teacher helping me to improve my ranks in physics from 50th to 10th in half a semester. I couldn't have done it without him and his exclusive array of study resources.

At first when I joined Elite at the start of year 11, physics was one of my worst subjects placing 100th in the year. But through studying with Steven I have improved exponentially in not only physics but chemistry and mathematics. Gloria's holiday crash course proved to be a great advantage particularly for Extension 1 Maths with Steven's succinct teaching methods allowing me to complete over half the course in under a week.

I must truly thank Steven and Gloria for their efforts and support. Tutoring at Elite is both fun and helpful, I couldn’t ask for a better college.


JESSICARanked 1st in Mathematics and Mathematics Extn. 1

I have studied at Elite Tutoring College from the beginning of year 9. I wasn’t really a good mathematician at first but with the help of Steven, my reports improved exponentially over a short period of time. Thanks to Steven, I have been able to accelerate for mathematics and achieve a rank 1 in both mathematics and mathematics extension 1. I know for sure that I wouldn’t have been able to achieve this result without him so I want to give him a huge ‘thank you’ for helping me for the past few years.

I never had the opportunity to have a lesson with Gloria but she is a wonderful person who always gives encouragements and a big, warm & welcoming smile every time I see her. I think both Steven and Gloria are amazing teachers who have helped my knowledge to grow over time. Thank you so much!


JOHNSecond in His Class

Steven's tutoring really helped me out with my maths work. As I was doing the harder year 11 work, it became clear that I needed a tutor as my grades started to drop. With Steven's help, I was able to understand all of the new concepts and further practise my mathematics. This allowed my marks to grow and I am now second in the class. Steven makes the processes really easy to understand because of the way he explains everything. He is very relaxed and he is very approachable. Whilst there is pressure there I believe that this is Steven's way of pushing me to do better. Overall, this has really helped me out and I have definitely improved because of Steven.



I joined Elite College at the beginning of year 10 when my friend recommended them to me and I stayed there for 3 years, until my HSC. In that time I also briefly tried a couple of other coaching colleges that were closer to my home but always ended up coming back, because I found the tutors at Elite were just much superior and I also loved the small group lesson format. Throughout secondary school I was always a fairly average student but that quickly changed after I started attending Elite. I started off doing maths and English and later physics as well, and thanks to my great tutors I achieved band 6 results for all those subjects in the HSC, which I was so happy about. I can't thank them enough. Before joining Elite I never would have thought about doing extension maths and advanced English, but I did and even excelled in them. I want to give a big thankyou to Gloria and all the tutors at Elite for being so friendly and helpful, I can't recommend your college enough!!



Steven is an extraordinary tutor, a master mind! He has a wide knowledge on every concept of mathematics and other subjects such as physics and chemistry and he has a major impact on all his students as he genuinely cares and encourages them to do their very best. He is extremely enthusiastic when teaching and he provides some of the best resources for helping his students achieve their goals. I enjoy all our lessons and I recommend him to everyone.



I joined Steven’s UMAT class. At first, I struggled a lot, but Steven’s classes were really enjoyable and fun. Steven not only provided me with lots of practice materials, but his explanations helped me understand the concepts much better, which eventually improved my UMAT results. I would like to thank Gloria and Steven for teaching me with passion and support.


DAVID67th to 3rd Place in Physics

As I entered into Year 12, my Physics results were invariably poor but after enlisting the help of Steven I am immensely proud of my improvement. Tutoring with Steven has proven to be an enlightening and fun experience. Steven’s classes differ from any other tutoring college out there. He invokes you to think outside the box, he breaks down your faulty knowledge but then, he builds up your newfound knowledge stronger than ever.

I will continue to study hard under the guidance of Gloria and Steven in the lead up to the HSC and hopefully attain a high ATAR.


CHANG92% in Economics Trials Exam

Ever since Year 11 I've always liked economics, but I didn't get the marks I wanted, especially in essay writing. So I started at Gloria's Elite Tutoring for economics in year 12, my economics tutor, Wade, taught me all the essentials and skills required for economics essay writing and the information I needed to get me into the top band. Wade is a really good tutor, because he could tell what areas I had problems in and prepare me for the HSC. In year 11 I used to receive 13 or 14 out of 20 for essays, but in my year 12 trials, I applied the skills I learned with Wade to my essays, which I wrote on the spot and achieved 18 & 19 out of 20. This has helped to pull my overall mark up and in the end I attained 92% in my school trials. I was happy with my achievement and a big thankyou to Wade for his help. Hopefully, I will continue to work hard and do equally or if not, better than 92% in my HSC.



Even though I wasn't happy about my UAI . . . I felt proud of my self that i got good results in Japanese and English. But I wasn't expecting such good marks. First of all I want a say thank you for caring about me, teaching me, encouraging me, and sometimes pushing me. I reckon the pushing made me to study hard while I was studying Japanese. I felt interested and so greedy about learning Japanese language. I used to learn English from your college, even though it was very a short time, and I got band 5! Say thanks to Steven. Thank you again that you led me to achieve good results. I'm now introducing your college to my friends!


VAMSI92% in Half-Yearly Exams

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