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Unlike the many coaching colleges around, at Elite Tutoring College we hate the idea of a "one size fits all" approach to tutoring. And we're not interested in putting as many students through our college as possible.

Large study groups seem to be very popular with many Asian students nowadays, and no doubt they're very profitable for the coaching colleges. But for the students, it's really no different to going to school twice. Hardly an effective approach to learning. No thanks!

We're about quality - by providing highly-personalised tuition.

That's why we only teach students one-on-one or in small groups - usually 2 to 3 students per class. That way, we're able to tailor our lessons specifically to each student's needs, rather than restricting them to a strict, inflexible programme. They get enough of that at school.

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At Elite Tutoring College, we are HSC specialists.

We offer tuition in most HSC subjects, and we excel in enabling our students to graduate high-school with top marks, to set them up for a successful academic future.

That doesn't mean, however, that we only teach Year 12 students. As far as we're concerned, preparing to excel in the HSC starts as early as Year 7. And we're experts in steering our students to academic excellence from any stage of their school programme.

In fact, we cater to:

  • International Baccalaureate (IB) students
  • Secondary school students
  • NAPLAN test preparation
  • Primary school students - especially for Selective High School and Opportunity Class (OC) admission
  • IELTS test preparation

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Many coaching centres pressure their students into taking multiple lessons per week for a given subject. More often than not, however, that's only necessary because of the poor quality of their tutors. You shouldn't be made to pay for that.

In our experience, it's very rare that a student would need to do more than one lesson per week to master a subject.

We focus on providing the best possible tutor for each of our students' individual level, budget and needs. We have tutors available with wide-ranging backgrounds and levels, including:

  • Tutors with Ph.D.'s
  • Tutors with over 20 years' of experience
  • Current and former HSC markers
  • Current and former high-school teachers
  • University undergraduates

Our highly-qualified tutors have all been specially selected by us based on their qualifications and experience, but also their personal nature, character and attitude. As a result, we typically only accept a very small percentage of tutors that apply to teach for us.

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